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Simple Looped Side Ponytail

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Here's a Simple yet chic look that was worn by Brooke Burke while hosting Dancing With the Stars a few weeks back. I've used Luxy Clip-In Hair Extensions for added length and volume - ( http://www.luxyhair.com )Hope you guys enjoy it!I used:- Luxy Hair Extensions in 160g set - Mocha Brown - 1C- Paddle Brush- Denman D3 Teasing Comb- Rar Tail Comb- Elastic BandFACEBOOK:http://www.facebook.com/luxyhairTWITTER:http://www.twitter.com/luxyhairCOMMENT RULES: We do not tolerate any rude or irrelevant comments. If these rules are not followed, the comment will be deleted and the user may be blocked. Everyone is welcome to our channel which like our home. Here we treat you to an entertaining video that we put a lot of work and love into and we expect our guests to be polite and respectful. Wouldn't you expect the same? Spread LOVE and thank you for watching! FTC Disclaimer: We are co-founders of Luxy Hair and all opinions are our own. This video is not sponsored by any other third-party.

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:04:57
Автор: LuxyHair
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